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yea, i need this itam


cost less then 6 dollars including shipping. i will pay the shipping for you sending it to me (via mail) and the shipping for ebay. a total probably around 1-15 dollars.

Help with essay on abortion

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come on peeps, i live in florida. help a poor immigrant out.

(PS- I would use my moms credit card, but 1. she doesnt trust the internet at all. . she got her credit card stolen anyways and it still hasnt arrive in da mail.

was born in the European part of Russia but my parents were from the Asian part.. Am i Asian or Euro ? i have no idea..

Hehe... but its still Russia. You dont get European or Asian citizenship.

Youre legally Asian. Russia, albeit in both continents, is considered by most to be an Asian country. However, you can say youre European if you look European (as many Russians do.) was born in the States, but my parents were from China/Taiwan. So, that makes me 100% American. But, since I look Asian, people assume that Im 100% Asian. Which, of course, is bullcrap.

Very few people here know that Im part Asian. But, looks like that secret is out now. Im american by several generations, but by blood Im about 7/8 irish and 1/8 mohawk indian. Legally, Im not indian, nor am I irish. Most people see me as caucausian, though I dont have any ancestors from the Caucausus, or anywhere near there. Anyway, the point of all my babbling was that you can be

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