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Are we evolving? And if so, into what? I most definitely think that we are

evolving. “Evolution is all the change that have occurred in living things since the

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beginning of life.” The same fundamental characteristic is shared by every and all-living

things. For example, the fossil records, development, and biochemistry. Also Charles

Darwin theory of education.

Evolution is described as a process that involves a change in gene frequencies

within the gene pool of a sexually reproducing population. “The Hardy-Weinberg law

states that the gene pool frequencies arrive at an equilibrium that is maintained generation

after generation unless disrupted by mutations, genetics drift, gene flow, nonrandom

mating or natural selection. Any change from the initial allele frequencies in the gene

pool of a population signifies that evolution has occurred.”

To elaborate; there is proof of evolution. The fossil record-there were left over

and traces of past life. Traces that were found are traits, burrows, footprints, preserved

dropping, and worm casts. Development shows how closely each organisms are related.

Population genetics also allows us to see when and if evolution has occurred.

Charles Darwin realized from his traveling all over the world that ‘life forms

change overtime and from place to place.’ Darwin made a principle of organic evolution.

One of those principle was his theory of natural selection which elaborates on how a

species becomes adapted to its environment. The environment acts on an organism to

pick which one is more suitable to adaptation instead of an environment changes, things

changes. For example, an increase in technology is a change. More technology, less work,

meaning weaker bones and muscle for human and probably for generation to come.

In conclusion, yes we are evolving. We will always or rather, there will always be

change whether good or bad. Now what we’re evolving into, ‘I don’t know.’ Due to fossil

records, development, biochemistry, and so many more; I do know that, that is a sign of

“Evolution.” The World Book Encyclopedia. Chicago Scott Fetzer Company,

16. Vol. 5

Britannica. Chicago Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc. 1768. Vol.

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