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... pity-full, empathetic and sympathetic poem.

Cousin Kate makes me feel sorry for the main character because of the language she uses like Now I moan, an unclean thing, who might have been a dove(Line 15). The poem The Seduction makes me want to tell the girl how silly she was to do what she did whilst under the influence of alcohol and not to realise how untrue the boys intentions. It is hinted at that the two only met on the night of the party because there is no name given, no history given and had they known each other beforehand, the girl would have been shown where the boy went when he skipped school previously.

The moral of the story in The ...

d love him, so much so that she felt it was acceptable to break the local taboo of sex out of wedlock.

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Both girls become pregnant because of the Lord and the boy. The narrator in Cousin Kate appears to love her child, and seems boastful in the way that she talks to her cousin about it, Yet Ive a gift you have not got, and seem not like to get. The narrator tells us what she would have said and done to the Lord if she had been in Kates position. She says she would have spit in his face and not have taken his hand. Whether she would really have acted like this, we do not know, but the reader is made to believe that she wishes cousin Kate had done that, perhaps showing a hint of jealousy. The beginning of the poem is in past tense, I was a cottage maiden. The narrator is looking back, at this point, to what her life was like before she had met the Lord. This poem at no point refers to the feelings of Cousin Kate or the Lord.

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