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The Assassin

Lurking in the mist was a man with long black hair that flowed down onto his shoulders and onto the ground, which was running with water and mud. He was lying on a large slab of rock that was surrounded by long grass so as it was impossible to see him. His clothes were soaked, torn and tattered by the surrounding trees as he approached the house. His weapon of choice was simply an axe that was found lying dormant in the grass. A car passes, the assassin is lay there like a rock, with not even a hint of emotion or nervousness, his hand is as steady as the rock he is lay upon.

The house was very isolated, in the middle of nowhere and seemed to be perched on the edge of a mountain. The house itself was a cosy country retreat, with white walls and black beams, tastefully decorated and furnished. The garden was a little overgrown, but beautiful, the perfect setting for a weekend retreat for the successful people who can afford it. The whole house seemed to be in the darkness even though it was daytime; the thick cloud was blocking out the sun and putting the whole house in a very bleak, eerie darkness.

The assassin was still lying in wait, until a woman with a sports car pulled past and onto the muddy drive. The woman got out with her dog on the lead and moved swiftly into the house. The woman had long brown hair, and was very pretty. She looked wealthy, and seemed to have the confidence only wealth and success can bring. She went into the house, took off her shoes and coat and locked the door, she switched on the television and sat down on the sofa, At this point the assassin rises from the ground and picks up his newly sharpened axe.

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He calmly walks down the muddy hill; not even letting the slippery ground under foot start his nerves. He reaches the front door, and stands there quietly, his shadow projected onto the cream carpet. With a sudden bark the dog notices the assassin and lurches towards the door, the assassin lifts his axe and strikes through the door, the valley is filled with the sound of shattering glass. The axe follows through and strikes the dog, the once cream carpet turns to red. Startled by the noise the woman gets up and walks into the hallway, she turns to see the assassin inside her house standing over her dead dog with his bloodstained axe. She screams for a split second before the axe comes flying down the hall towards her. The final sound is the axe as it hits the wall, after going through the body of that once beautiful woman; the neat cream carpet in the hall is now red. The assassin walks past the body and into the lounge, where the safe is behind a picture above the fireplace. He confidently manages to crack the safe, removes the money, and coolly heads for the door, grabbing the murder weapon from the woman’s body as he goes. The door slams and the body falls to the floor, the assassin calmly walks back along the road and into the wilderness.

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