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Personal Essay #1

My Blanket

The heat was beaming with steam on this hott summer day, my

father working under the hood of our car, mother making supper, I think it was

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macaroni and cheese with hot dogs. My brother and I where playing hide and go

seek with the neighbors kids. As I began counting the last three numbers one to

ten, I hear my mother tell Michael put that back, thats your sisters!

I stop counting and run quickly into the house, Im going straight for

my blankie and as Im trying to get my blankie back by screaming and hitting my

brother; my dad suddenly runs in, snatches Michael right up into his huge arms

and takes my care-bears blanket.

Fed up with the arguing and whining over my blanket, Dad takes it

across the street to the garage, of course Im right behind him begging him not to

throw it away, Dont hurt it Daddy I say, thats my binkie! My father had

quickly taken it and cut it in half, while telling me Im so tired of your whining,

you too old for it, Ill buy you a big kid teddy bear to replace it.

I was devastated, I ran into the house crying for my mommy, I told

her that daddy sniff, sniff cut my binkie in half ! She was so upset that I

swore I saw a tear run down her cheek. Before mom could say anything to dad

he walks in with a smooth stride, holding both pieces of my blanket, Im scared to

death hes mad at me and I wont ever see my precious baby blankie agan. He

suddenly hands one half of my blankie to my mother, and looks at me

encouragingly and says to me you will keep this half and I will keep the other

half to save for when yours goes to rags, so you can grow up and still have half

of your blankie to pass on to your kids .

After that Ive taken better care of my baby blanket and didnt take it

absolutely everywhere I went, that way my brother wouldnt tease me about it,

even though I seldom remembered to leave it home so that wouldnt happen.

Of course at that age we didnt understand what not annoying your brother or

sister meant.

Even though my dad kept that other half of my blankie I never

needed it, So eventually somewhere around the world its lost in a move

somewhere along the road, in a storage unit we stopped paying for. I suppose its

been thrown away or restored and with someoone else. I can never be positive

about that, but I do know that; even though I only have half of my white care-

bears blanket, thats almost see-through, I can still cherish it like its the whole


Because its so dear to me, I will eventually put it up, and make my

grand-daughter her very own Binkie that she can bug her parents with. Some

day, a long long time from now, thats what Ill do.But for now, I shall sleep with

my old raggedy Binkie until its hardly a square piece of cloth. Until then I will

always have my special security out side of my special pillow.

By Jessica Rendle

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