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Rating PG

Critics warning Adult themes, sexual references and violence

Critics rating out of 10

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A Midsummer Nights Dream, the movie opens with a young lady named Hermia who falls in love with Lysander against her fathers will. The opening scene should be powerful but there is really loud background music, and unfortunately this tends to overpower the voices of the actors. Somehow you can manage to understand enough to know that Hermias father Egeus, orders her to get married to the character Demetrice whos in love with her. Hermia and Lysander flee the city to escape her father and Demetrice, riding into a dark forest. But Hermias best friend Helena who happens to be madly in love with Demetrice warns him, and Demetrice follows the couple into the forest. Seeking the love of Hermia, Demetrice follows. Seeking the love of Demetrice, Helena follows on as well. This complex web of desire should make the movie interesting and suspensful but unfortunately this doesnt quite happen. I think the bad lighting has something to do with this. Although the scene is set at night, one needs to see the faces to be able to appreciate the emotion. It was just too dark. This led to confusion as to what exactly was happening.

The story now attempts to amuse the audience. At the same time as the lovers are in the forest, there happens to be a play rehearsing in the forest. One of the actors of this play named Bottom suddenly is starting to turn into an ass. This does create some interest and there is curiosity as to who or what is making this happen. Unfortunately throughout this scene, which also includes Oberon , the Fairy King, Titania, the Fairy Queen, and Puck , Oberons servant, there is some bad acting. Much of the time, it is hard to hear what they are saying as they mumble. This makes ir difficult to follow the plot. If done well, the next part, which involves Titania falling in love with Bottom, the ass, as part of Oberons revenge, could be amusing and entertaining. I feel that the characters needed more personality to enable this to happen. Puck who is the best actor in the movie is the only one who really shows some enthusiasm.

Puck who has the magic flower, as well as causing Titania to fall in love with Bottom, has a mishap and causes Lysander and Demetrice to fall in love with Helena. Much confusion and fighting follow on. This scene creates interest. In particular the catfight between Helena and Hermia is dramatic and entertaining. The darkness and subtle lighting also creates the right atmosphere. Hermia and Helena acted very well in this scene and it was one of the best scenes in the movie.

Things eventually get sorted out, a three way wedding takes place involving, Hermia and Lysander, Helena and Demetrius, and the town duke, Theseus and Hippolyta. The play once rehearsed in the forest now gets to be acted out at the wedding. This play within the play is quite funny as things go wrong and mishaps occur.

One of the bonuses to this movie was the costumes, which helped to show the audience who the characters were. This was really important, as there were distinct classes of people, including Royals, fairies, mechanicals and the lovers. Also hepling to identify these groups of people were the different types of speech. For expamle, the lovers used rhyming couplets, and the Royals spoke in dignified blank verse. The costumes and voices helped the understanding of the characters and therefore the storyline to an extent.

There were some entertaining moments in this movie, however I think the overall direction of this movie was poor. Only a few sets were used and they weren’t very realistic. Also, the camera work at times was annoying, as many backs of heads were shown instead of faces. For example, when Oberon and Puck are forming the plan to seek revenge on Titania.

I didnt find this BBC version of A Midsummer Nights Dream very exciting or compelling. I think that the director would be dissapointed in what hes made of Shakespears famous play. There are other, more entertaining versions of this play to be seen.

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