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Enter Without so much as Knocking � Analysis

Memento homo quia pulvis es et in pulverem reverteris

Remember man that you are dust and unto dust you shall return. This is significant because in Christian Ash Wednesday ceremonies, we are reminded that life began from the Earth and when we die, we return to the Earth.


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This refers to the neon signs inside a hospital. The “blink, blink” part means that the sign is flashing. The “HOSPITAL SILENCE” is what the sign says. Therefore the poem begins with a neon flashing sign. This is important because the persona is born into a worls of flashing lights and signs that tell people what to do.

Ten days old…..Channel 7

The persona of the poem (the person that the poem is talking about) has been brought home to a consumer world. “Bobby Dazzler on Channel 7” refers to an old quiz show from the 160’s. His first memories are that of a television quiz show.

Hello, Hello ……. to him then

This is a satirical line (satire is making fun of something but not in an obvious way) because Dawe is saying that the persona is the lucky one because he didn’t understand the Bobby Dazzler show. This is Dawe’s way of criticising television.

Dawe satirises the way products are advertised by using the same labels to describe the persona’s parents. “One economy size Mum” is the way a washing machine or other appliance would be described. This is Dawe’s way of saying the mother is like an appliance to cook, clean etc. “One Anthony Squires….Dad” is the way a designer clothing label is described. This shows that a male in the family is the one to look good in public � to project the image of a worker.

All of the third Stanza

This “consumer world” is highlighted in a number of ways. Firstly, Dawe refers to the “Luck’s � a � Fortch � Tricky � Tune � Quiz”. This is Dawe’s way of commenting on the way people like to enter competitions on radio, television etc and win prizes. The equivalent of this today is Lotto, Powerball and scratchie tickets.

Secondly, the “good � as � new station wagon” is Dawe’s commentary on family life. He refers to the 160’s where parents would pack up the family in a station wagon and head off somewhere. These were the times when it was common to have eight or nine people in a car.

Thirdly, all of the signs mentioned are Dawe’s commentary on how we (as consumers) must obey signs and regulations. The equivalent of this today are the signs such as “1/ hour parking” and “no right turn” etc.

The “beeps” indicate two things

(a) The congestion of traffic where people are using their horns to indicate their frustrations

(b) The censoring of a swearing by replacing the offending word with “beep”.

Point of the poem

Dawe is quite simply saying that a human being cannot be born into a world, live in it and even die in it without being exposed to and affected by consumerism.

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