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Il×lit×er×ate-uneducated; esp., not knowing how to read or write¾᠃n. an illiterate person¾ illiteracy.

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Illiterate is defined in so many words yet with so little meaning to some and just enough knowledge for others to understand. But have you ever stopped and really thought about how it would have been to live your whole life without the capability of reading or writing? Well today I’ve done just that and for this moment not only have I allowed myself to be placed in the shoes of those who can’t read as well as in their state of mind.

As frustrating as it is already to accomplish a simple task because the many difficulties it consist of, but even more so when the most challenging is being a person with no knowledge at all. One example, is the task of driving which takes nothing more than the competence of reading in order to be done successfully. Specifically, the directions that you must read to get from place to place, that at times can already have its own complications. I find it quiet disturbing thinking about living in the country, almost in the middle of nowhere, with the nearest grocery store being an hour away. But what seems to be more troubling is having no clue about how to get there because of the directions which are impossible to read. Moreover, the signs that are put on every corner to prevent accidents or even saves lives, now makes driving for me perplexing.

Furthermore, a task that may come easy to me yet still so complex in its own way but if illiterate such a task would be absurd. Journalism, my hobby, my talent and my greatest interest, to be deprived of it would be like a person with the absence of an identity. Being able to write, for me, is the only form of communication and the best way I express myself. When beginning to write, I obtain the feeling of freedom, making what’s being written about that much easier. What makes it exigent, is not being able to interpret it for my reader. I wouldn’t know where to start for that matter how to start or which words to use and if so the word were used correctly. Journalism now recognized as one of the many “circumscribed existences“.

My main goal when I began college was nothing more than to become a psychiatrist. One who finds the prescription to a medication, solution to a troubled mind. In order to believe in this theory may just take hope. Otherwise, the need of study in psychology that creates formulas making it true. That alone takes a great deal of reading and how possible without the ability to do so. How is one supposed to fulfill the duty of a medicine doctor if all the labels look the same and have no knowledge of its purpose. Then there’s that famous signature to confirm every prescription, which would be real easy if I knew how to spell my name. What any use would I be in a field that required the part of me I didn’t have, in order to get the job done?

And all because I couldn’t read nor write.

Illiteracy, seen as a form of living but everything that makes up the concept of it doesn’t allow you to do so. Everything that life was worth living for is know deprived from you. Every goal you may have had or dream you may dreamed will know be replaced by what can only be your dream and goal...reading and writing. The most difficult task for the illiterate is living.

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