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On Feb 1st 00, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra launched a campaign to rid his country of drugs within months. Nobody took him seriously because of his past campaign promises to rid Bangkok of its pollution and traffic jams. Within the first weeks of this campaign, 00 people were reported killed due to drug related activities. By March 1st more than 1,100 people were reported dead. Most of the killings were between rival drug gangs panicked by the Prime Minister’s campaign. Police were quoted as saying that they shot only about 0 people but only in self-defense. About 5 percent of Thailand’s population uses methamphetamines, which are produced in Burma which is right next door to Thailand.

The Prime minister of Thailand reassured diplomats that just because a campaign is being held that the police are not going to use excessive force. The police were under strict instructions to follow the law. A survey was taken in Thailand that showed that 0 percent of Thais supported the prime minister’s drug campaign. The Prime Minister was quoted as saying “that all suspected drug traffickers arrested will be put behind bars or will vanish without a trace. Who cares? They are destroying our country.”

In New Delhi India People living in illegal settlements are digging there own wells for a water resource. These wells work for a couple of years than they break. The People of India are planning something new, a resolution that the ancient Indians used to do. It is called rainwater harvesting. It works by collecting monsoon water and storing it underground to recharge worn-out aquifers. This plan also has the backing of the cities water officials.

This city of 14 million people requires about 850 million gallons of water a day, yet only 650 million gallons are produced. About 1% of this water comes from groundwater. The rest comes from rivers and canals outside the city. The remainder is made up from the illegal wells. The city has promised some relief by the end of the year by building a new dam. With the city is adding about 500,000 people a year the dam will not be capable of keeping up with the population growth.

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