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Human beings generally tend to act according to sensible decisions they make in advance. But when we permit ourselves to be driven by an impulse, we act contrary to what had already been planned. Consequently, we are filled with overwhelming emotions and our state of mind is noticeably affected. This seems to be the case of the main character in “A Pair of Silk Stockings”. In the story, Mrs. Sommers underwent a profound transformation in her state of mind the afternoon she went shopping.

At the beginning of her shopping bout, Mrs. Sommers was very worried and tired. She was so concerned about her children’s needs that she was eager to spend the fifteen dollars she had found on them. As she wanted to provide them with “fresh and dainty” attire, she had to be very careful about how she intended to spend her money. Since she did not want to act hastily, she was very anxious. So she drew a up a wise investment plan for a “proper and judicious use of the money”. She thought that the most sensible way to make it more profitable was by going to bargain counters. Besides, Mrs. Sommers became rather weary. She was always so busy doing the household chores and taking care of the children that she had little time to rest. The day she went shopping, she was so excited that she had even forgotten to have lunch. When she arrived at the store, she felt so weak and fatigued that she had to rest before a counter in order to gather strength to start searching for bargains.

All of a sudden, when she came across a pair of silk stockings, she became so excited that she abandoned herself to her sudden impulses. After her first purchase, she felt so invigorated that she began to spend the money on herself, something she had not done in a long time. Besides, she bought a pair of boots that made her feel both self-assured and satisfied. She also bought a pair of gloves and two high-priced magazines. At that point, she did not care about how much she spent as long as she got what she desired. It seemed that the more she bought, the more excitement she felt. After that, she treated herself to a delicious meal at an expensive restaurant and to a play at the theatre. Besides, she was quite proud of her appearance and the effect it had on the people surrounding her. At least for a while, she felt she belonged to the well-dressed crowd and she gained a sense of self-assurance, because her presence at the restaurant as well as at the theatre “created no surprise”.


Unfortunately, when the play was over, she realized she had to face her old stark reality again. She felt unbearably sad because her dream came to and end. When she went to the bus stop to take the cable car to go back home, she yearned not to reach her destination. She wished to remain in that dreamy state that allowed her to forget, at least for an afternoon, her life full of responsibilities and restrictions. For this reason, she greatly desired the cable car to “go on and on with her forever”.

All in all, Mrs. Sommers was driven by and impulse which brought about an unexpected change in her state of mind the afternoon she went shopping. It is not unusual to find somebody who fails to control their emotions. As we are human beings with irresistible impulses, what we should do is to permit ourselves to fulfill our desires, at least every once in a while.

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