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Clytaemnestra-The Hatred and Revenge

In Agamemnon, Clytaemnestra’s reaction to events that occurred, led her control her own destiny. She was consumed with hatred. The fact that she knew what she was doing makes her an aggressive figure in this book. To accept Clytaemnestra as an aggressive figure, it is necessary to look at certain events before and after drama, Agamemnon. Agamemnon was doomed before he was born. His ancestors had offended the gods and therefore were cursed. This curse included those of the family who were not yet born.

When the Trojan War began Agamemnon was called to help rescue his brother’s wife Helen. However, in order to resume this duty, he had to sacrifice his and Clytaemnestra’s daughter, Iphigeneia. This act caused Clytaemenestra to have a great deal of hatred for Agamemnon and built a desire for revenge.

Agamemnon was gone for ten years fighting the Trojan War. During that time, Clytaemnestra grew hard and began to think like a man. Even the Leader of the Chorus said some remarks of hers “spoken like a man,”(67). The statement was an insult to her because no woman wanted to be thought of thinking or acting like a man. She decided how to get even with Agamemnon.


When the war ended Agamemnon was to return, and Clytaemnestra was ready. She gave hints of bad times to come for their king. She told the Leader that she was in love with a new man and “that is boast, teeming with the truth”(64). When Agamemnon did return, he bragged to Clytaemnestra about his conquests and ordered her to take care of Cassandra, whom he brought back with him from war. Clytaemnestra was nice to Agamemnon to lure him into thinking that he was still the master and that all was well.

Clytaemnestra stabbed and killed Agamemnon. She told the Chorus that she was proud and that she “brooded on the trial-year after year”(660). She further told them that Agamemnon “Brutalized her”(66) and deserved to die. These statements further proved that an obsession for hatred and revenge controlled Clytaemnestra.

This is my paper of the hatred and revenge of Clytaemnestra. These are circumstances that could happen in our society today. I hope I have showed you my interest in this subject.

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