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Buddy comes from a family, which doesn’t really treat buddy with respect. His mother and his father don’t help Buddy especially not his father. One day Buddy was offered to go on a school trip but he didn’t dare tell his mum or dad because he knew they couldn’t afford it. So as Buddy really wanted to go on the trip he stool £5.00 out of his mother’s purse. Once Buddy stool £5.00 he said to himself that he better stop stealing other wise he’ll turn out like his father. At school Buddy was a very bright kid and he was moved to the top class which was called the E class. E meant E = express. Buddy thought that he should tell his mum about the money but he knew that he would get yelled at. Buddy was quiet upset because his mother and father spent more money on cigarettes and not on him. Buddy mum and dad always argued and it was normal about Buddy’s dad wasting a lot of money at the pub and he mixing with the wrong crowd.

Buddy was in his room and heard the door g and it was his mum he could tell that she was in a bad mood how she slammed shut the door. Buddy knew that his mum found out that buddy had taken the money from her purse. At first buddy denied it and said that it could have been some one from work in her office but then buddy owned up and said it was him. Buddy felt sad and wanted to be forgiven but a strange thing happened was that his mum was crying because buddy took the money. Buddy felt really bad because buddy had never seen his mum cry before. Buddy was pleading for forgiveness but his mum shouted out

“ Father like Son.”

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After that buddy went to sleep trying to thing of what he could do to make his mum forgive him but he thought of nothing. In the morning went down stairs and it was really quiet and buddy went into the kitchen and saw his dad asleep sprawled over the table. Buddy woke him up to ask where his mum was but buddy’s dad just shagged his shoulder. Buddy’s dad took him for a walk and decided that its time for the truth. For the past couple of years I have been in prison because I broke into someone’s house. Buddy was shocked and carry on walking. Once Buddy got home he realised that his mum probably left because of he could hear them arguing the night before. Buddy was hoping that when he got home from school that his mum would be home but when buddy got home she wasn’t there. Buddy was waiting for his mum to come home but after months of waiting buddy gave up and knew that she wouldn’t come home. During this time it was just buddy and his dad and they didn’t talk to each other because they had nothing to talk about and wasn’t very fond of each other. Buddy thought that it was his fault that his mum left because he stool the money from his mum purse.

While buddy mum wasn’t there he didn’t have any more to catch the bus the bus to school so he hate to walk because his dad didn’t have a job and buddy thought that he wouldn’t ever have a job. And because they didn’t have enough money buddy didn’t have the right uniform because he’s trousers broke so he hate to were blue jeans.

As buddy’s mum went his dad hate to get rid of his aryl and when he got home from selling is aryl he was moaning about to buddy trying to make out it was all his fault. Buddy was still trying to get over his mum leaving so suddenly. He went to school like normal but it was getting worse. Mr Normington was making fun of he. Because of the clothes he wore and how he smells and that put buddy real down.

The next day Mr Normington gave out a letter about parents evening and normally it was his mother that goes but buddy didn’t know if he should show hiss father or not. H thought that he could make up an excuse saying that his mother and father have to work that night and can’t fit any of the times. But buddy went to school the next day and Mr Normington asked if his mother or father was going. Mr Normington was nearly shouting at buddy saying he got a time for every parent and he want to know by tomorrow.

Buddy went home and decided to show his dad the letter but when buddy showed him the letter he had know idea what it was. So buddy explains and buddies dad said things like what’s it for and why should I go.

So then Buddy went into school and told Mr Normington that he could go.

When the parent evening came buddies father go dressed up all in leather. When they were walking to the school buddy kept a few steps ahead so it didn’t look like they were together. Buddy was worried about his dad. He thought what if he makes a total fool of himself.

Buddy thought that school was really far away because they were walking really slowly and buddy could tell that his dad was worried.

Once the parents evening was over buddy was happy that it was over even though it went all right.

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