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Basically the case is about how Fallon comes up with unique, interesting ways to solve their client’s marketing challenges. Fallen is a well know advertising company. It was founded in 181 and they have won many advertising awards including two “Agency of the Year” awards given by Advertising Age magazine. The reasons why Fallon are successful are because of two reasons. One is because of their employees, and second is because of their culture varieties. In addition, the case also gives an example of Fallon’s work, like how Fallon reinvents the image of Lee brand jeans to teens by using Buddy Lee and contributes on BMW’s The Hire.

The biggest challenge Fallon have to face is to come up with something people haven’t seen before constantly. The differentiation is the main thing here. Customers are greatly diverse and generally, they get bored easily. So Fallon has to create advertisements that catch their attention right away and give them the “Wow, that is cool!” feeling.

One alternative for this problem is to see the customers as an individual rather than a big group. What I mean is that each customer has different and frequently changing interests. The solutions to this idea are many. Fallon could do surveys on what people are interests in currently or they can ask people directly about what they like and don’t like about the product.

I don’t really know Fallon that much but it seems that Fallon attracts young markets most of the time. Creativity has a big part to attract this type of markets because young people’s interests are constantly changing. Therefore I conclude that there are no precise ways to attract the young markets because they are greatly diverse. Ironically, diversity is the answer. Generally, young people want to be different than the others so I think market observation is the best way to find the information. Fallon could send observers to monitor clubs, malls, and other places where young people hang out. By doing this, Fallon could gain information on what’s in, what’s not, what would they like, and many else. This information will benefits all business corporation.

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