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The name of the company I did my work experience with is J.J.Rhatigans. The company at this time was situated in ‘The Cluid Housing Project’ in Tuam. The work done by Rhatigans is construction of buildings. There is an estimate of 60 workers in this particular project. My choice of work experience civil engineering and this was chosen due to the results of my aptitude tests and interest inventory test.

Diary Day 1

D-Day had arrived! I was on my way to my place of work. My mother drove me into the building site and I must admit I was feeling a bit nervous but nothing too stressing. I walked to the main office site and met Cathal McHugh, my supervisor for the next few days. My first task was to record the invoices of the previous week into the logbook, it was hard to get used to but once I had a few done I was flying. This job was the longest job to do in the office so it kept me busy until the one o’clock break. The canteen would have to be the highlight of the day because as you can imagine it was full of men from all over the country each and every one of them having a slag.


When break ended it was time to get back to work. Cathal commented on how fast I did the invoices as it usually takes him longer. My next job was to check the deliveries and make sure that the quantity and quality was right before I stored them in the office. I then went into the office and looked at the plans of all the houses with Cathal and he explained all the differences between all the houses. He then introduced me to some of the top men on the site. One was the foreman of the site, Vincent Holland. We had a laugh and I felt good as he was the boss and I got on great with him. The finished at five and my mother collected me at ten past five I got home at around half five. I was happy with my progress on the first day even though it was a bit slow. I looked forward to the next day.


On this day I arrived in at ten to nine as my day started at nine. Cathal, again, was awaiting my arrival so he could assign me to my new task for the morning. My task? To count and record all the plant owned by the company. When I was finished walking the site I came back to the office and recorded this information into the plant owned book and Cathal complimented me on my good work and I felt good about myself. Lunch arrived and again the canteen was the place to be! After lunch I had to ring Mattest in Dublin to ask them to fax the results of a cube test carried out three days previous. The man that I was talking to was funny and had a strange version of the Dublin accent. I felt even better about myself as had used communication skills on the second day of the job. Five o’clock rolled around and of I was home again. I was feeling more confident every time I did a task. I didn’t mind going in the next day.


I arrived in at nine o’clock and started the day with a plant check on barriers, which had just arrived. I recorded this information into the plant book and straight away Cathal asked me to help him take a cube test of the concrete being used. When we finished this, earlier test cubes had to be opened and cleaned, so Cathal and I got cleaning the cubes. Break came and once again ‘the craic was 0’ in the canteen! After lunch I removed the concrete cubes we made earlier and placed them into a special tank set at a certain temperature so the shape and condition of the cube wouldn’t change. Eventually the time to kick off the hardhat, safety boots and vest came and I arrived home by car at around twenty past five. This day was a bit boring as at times I had nothing to do but the laugh in the canteen made it worthwhile. Was happy enough to go in for the last day.

Day 4

This was the final day and I arrived in at nine. My task… square foundations for the blocklayers so progress could start on building the houses. The craic was good today as I was working with a fellow from college who was still doing his studies. Squaring the foundations took most of the day and I finished my final day on a high. After I had said m goodbyes I went home at around five o’clock and I was wrecked tired so I went straight to bed. The week was excellent and went well. Enjoyed the work experience

1) It was a worthwhile experience as I learned what civil engineering was like.

) I need to consider a different choice of career.

) Yes, I learned good social and communication skills. For example when I was in he canteen having the craic with the rest of the workers and in the office answering the phone and ringing companies for results of tests.

4) I enjoyed the work experience but I honestly would like to finish school while I can and consider my future, as the world of work is a big step from second level education.

5) Yes, because now that I know, I will have to work some day and having good results in my studies and exams ensure that I ascertain a good job.

6) Yes I discussed college with a student who was doing a civil engineering course for four years and what he said about college made me think about my life and what I would like to do in the future

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