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Did you ever reach a point in your life when you said to yourself, “What am I doing with my life?” or “Where is my life headed?” I feel that in some peoples’ lives they reach a point where they are just not happy with the status quo. They feel then that they need to do something meaningful and constructive with his or her life. This wake up call doesn’t always happen when it should happen. Some people are fortunate to get their call early in life and were always spectacular students, some don’t get it until high school when they realize that their grades really do matter then, some don’t get it until they almost flunk out of college, and then some don’t get it until later in life. I personally was the one who didn’t realize my true potential and calling in life until a course of events pointed me in the right direction. This higher calling was that of pursuing higher education to not just better myself but to better the community and the people around me.

I was not always the best student, as a matter of fact most of the time I was probably the worst student. For the majority of my schooled life I was content with just getting by and doing what I had to do to “float the boat.” And that’s it, I did no more than I had to do and I was pretty content to be the average student that I was. Family, friends, and teachers were always saying that they could see potential in me and that they wanted me to utilize my talent and intelligence. But instead of being focused on academics, I was more focused on slacking off and hanging out with friends.

I always had some aspirations to do more with my life, but I really had no plan of action to go along with it. And I continued to do just barely what needed to be done to stay in college. I had recently been employed at Kaufmann’s and had another job at Dollar Bank. I was 1 Years old, and to have been making the kind of money I was making made me see nothing but green. This clouded my judgment and at the time I really wasn’t concerned with my grades as long as I was in college and my parents stayed off my back.

It wasn’t until I went to register for classes for the fall of 000 that I received my wake up call. The advisor told me that I couldn’t register for any classes because I was on academic suspension. I was completely humbled and disheartened. I went and spoke to the dean and he gave me my second chance. He told me he could tell that my grades didn’t reflect my intelligence because I had passed a physics course without having taken the prerequisite. He told me that if I wanted to stay in school I would have to rethink my priorities and possibly quit one of my jobs. I went home and thought about what he said and realized he was right. So that semester I went about trying to refocus my life. It was not an easy task by any means. But the more I worked at it the more I realized that my focus should have been on academics and not on minimum wage jobs that come and go.

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After September 11, 001, I realized that the next day is not promised to you so you need to do the best that you have with what God has given you. You should live everyday as though it is your last and at the end of the day you should have the satisfaction of knowing that you did the very best you could possibly do. Having this mindset helped me tremendously. My main priorities were in this order God, Family, School, Friends, and then Work. My life couldn’t have gotten any better from this point. I now take every situation (good or bad) in life and try to make it an opportunity. This is because I believe that God sends you trials in life to make you a stronger and better person just as he sends you good times. Therefore I believe all situations in life are blessings and that you just have to find the good in there somewhere.

I recently lost my job at the end of February because the poor economy. At first, I was very upset and depressed because it was the first time I been without a job and had difficulty finding another. This was until I realized that this was again another opportunity to make myself a stronger and better person. It also made me realize that working these types of jobs is not what I want to do with the rest of my life. So instead of being depressed, I decide that this was an opportunity for me to concentrate solely on my studies and to make my last two semesters at community college the best that they could possibly be. I was able to make the deans list last semester and I plan to do so from now on. I am headed in the right direction this semester and am carrying a .67 G.P.A at mid-term.

As you can see continuing school is very important to me. I am very interested in continuing my education at the University of Pittsburgh. I am committed to doing the best that I can possibly do and am convinced that after being as low as I was I can go nowhere but up. I am currently enrolled in the Engineering Science Transfer Program at CCAC that is designed to transfer into Pitt Engineering Programs. I am currently doing the most that I can do to raise my G.P.A up as high as I can by getting the highest grades that I can and retaking some of the classes that I didn’t do well in. It would truly mean the world to me to be admitted into your Mechanical Engineering Program. And I promise that if I am given the opportunity to do so that I will do the very best that I can possibly do.

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