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From the time that I was in the ninth grade until now, my friends and myself have always been at odds about what type of guys we should go out with. Like which guys are considered better than the other is. We are forever at standoff of what our preference is, athletic over intellect or intellect over athletic. Now speaking for myself, I am totally and faithfully (call me shallow if you will) in love with athletes. There is nothing better to me. However many of my friends believe that to get the better man he should be one of intellect. Who says that intellect makes a good man? Furthermore who says that an athlete lacks intellect. From experience I do know that any kind of guy can look sweet and be completely evil, and really thuggish looking guys can be really sweet. ? Since I have had the good fortune to date a variety of guys I think that I will enlighten my friends a little bit.

First of all, athletes are very masculine (muscles on top of muscles), their stamina is excellent, and their bodies are in magnificent shape. However very intelligent guys even though they may lack stamina, are very interesting to converse with. Even though their bodies may not be as masculine as athletes bodies you have to remember they spend most of their time studying, while athletes are continually in the weight room. With guys of intellect I learn something-new everyday, and I look forward to future conversations with them. Though with athletes you more or less find that the conversation seems to always come back to sports. Not that that is a bad thing, but every five minutes it makes you wonder do they think of anything else. Which of course they do, they are continually thinking of ways to show you how wonderful their stamina really is.

Although my friends argue that they only want a man of intellect, I am sure that a nice beautiful body wouldn’t hurt either. Why can it not be a package deal? When all is broken down and really looked upon I can see how they could want a man strictly for intellect. Intellectual men tend to be very well spoken, and seem to be able to engage in all sorts of conversation ranging from mathematics to astronomy and also sports. Truth be told there are some really masculine intellectual men, with great bodies and the perfect personality so I can see how my friends could love only intellectual men.

On the other hand, while in school athletes do have to study hard to keep their grades up, and while they might not be as knowledgeable in some areas of study as other guys may be they are very in tune with whatever sport that they do. Fooling around with an aggressive athlete might get you ruffed up one good time (but who’s counting anyway), and that’s not to say that men of intellect won’t do the same. Furthermore I do not believe the stereotype of dumb jocks. Sure there are some, but there are some really intelligent ones too.

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So to all of my friends, I want a guy with a little bit of both. I do not think that one is better than the other is. I just tend to lean more towards the athletes just because they are down right sexy. However intellect has its own sexiness too. There is nothing better then seeing a man reading late at night, or surprising him at his job, because you know he is giving a very intense presentation, and taking him to lunch afterwards. So I say way not go for the best in both worlds get a little of both and call it heaven.

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