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My area of exploration,in sat one was transitions through human dignity. Though this idea I aimed to explore variations in people’s lifestyles such as differences in people’s employment eg the more glamorous work contrasted with a lower income job. Also contrasting between the rich and poor eg by lifestyle and assets. These images are meant to show you the huge ravine in today’s society, and what makes people happy.

During sat one I went through many trails and techniques. First I photographed a subject including some prospective compositions. I experimented with showing characters personality and also used ADOBE PHOTO-SHOP to correct the levels on my digital images.

I then went on to explore other techniques I may use, such as super imposing a subject over a different background, or changing certain aspects of the images to make it appear interesting and more aesthetically pleasing. I found difficulties in choosing the types of subjects I wanted in my images and where I was going to photograph them, because I had such a wide field of ideas. But my experimentation in sat one helped me to minimise the options. My only concern from sat one is I didn’t shoot any images I would include in my final pieces for my folio.


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However I shot many interesting images that I will re-shoot in different locations with different subjects repeating such things as posses, light, expressions and or camera views.

Towards the end of sat one I had chosen five distinctive types of possible solutions that I will use to help complete my final works. My final solutions included a subject dressed in black with dramatic dark make up around her eyes. The camera view is directed straight at her and is a close up. Each image really captures her expression and mood. There were two images in particular I loved in this idea, the first a much more dramatic one. In this image I love the composition she is close up but slightly left of the page, with one eye directly in the middle. This is very strong and grabs the viewer’s attention. The light that falls on the image definitely compliments the shot. The second shot another close up is a more seductive/glamorous pose. Again a strong stare with one eye present. However her cheeky slight smiles and arm playfully through her hair helps create a certain atmosphere. Emotion will be an important part of my final images so I will need to re-shoot such camera views, posses, expressions and light to achieve my desired moods.

Another final solution included two really gentle, pure shots of a subject in a natural surround, with one particularly large flower as a prop.

The two images are similar, in the first one she has the flower held partly in front of her face but she looks past straight back at the viewer. This shot is stronger than the second is as the background really compliments the image. Although the horizon line is directly in the middle of the page and I wouldn’t usually employ that design, the vast white space in the top right corner compliments the line and seems to open up the picture. Also the tree in the background fits in lovely. I have really paid attention to the background here. However in the second image the background is very busy and less pleasing. As the background will be a very important part in my final pieces, these final solutions have helped me realise how much I will need to pay attention to, and plan the backgrounds to achieve my desired atmospheres.

My third final solutions consisted of a subject in heavy grey make up lying dramatically in a coffin. Here I was exploring costume, props, and expression. The images have very poor light and I was very unhappy with them. If I shoot any of my final pieces indoors I will need to pay particular attention to the lighting in order to achieve the best possible shots. The space in the background really draws your eye away from the subject and makes it appear more like a happy snap. I liked her dramatic pose with her hands so I re-shot the first image and the second is definitely a lot stronger, however I am still not satisfied with the light and background. The coffin was a major prop in this image and in my final pieces I will need to include important props in most images such as costumes etc.

My fourth possible solutions have really effective compositions. The first image she outstretches her arms to fill the image, and tilts her head back. This creates a more casual pose. The bright blue drums are really effective up against her blue eye make-up as they contrast beautifully. In the second image her position is even more interesting, her arms still outstretched but her body slants off slightly to the left and creates a curve. I will need to play with my subject’s positions in my final pieces to achieve such strong meaningful images. Also her facial expression is cheeky and has a lovely big smile, it almost makes u smile. It’s very effective. And that’s what I want in my final pieces.

My last possible solutions are very important. I have used the background, a shed door, and window, to create a frame for my subject. This is very important to draw the viewer’s eyes to the main subject. Also in both my images I have used a worms eye view which creates a certain powerdominence of the subject, as the viewer is looking up at them. Certain views for my final pieces are very important and will in most cases decipher what message I have set out to achieve.

So overall in sat one I explored all possible solutions, and to achieve perfection in my final theme and folio, I will need to employ many of the design elements and techniques I explored in sat one.

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