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I am writing to you because I trust you will keep this issue confidential. What you hear now might come as a shock to you but I’m telling you in advanced that the incident was not entirely my fault. It happened two days ago when my new sergeant, Sergeant Simmonds, and myself were attending a domestic dispute when things got out of hand and Kenny (the criminal) provoked me and I went ballistic. I killed Kenny.

It all started about thirty minutes into my first shift from training school. Sergeant Simmonds was asking me about my life and telling me stories about his past experiences in the force when two lovely looking ladies, Fiona Carter and Kate Mason, walked into the station. They were reporting a domestic dispute, Fiona’s husband Kenny was assaulting Fiona and Kate, Fiona’s sister, didn’t want her to put up with it anymore. Sergeant Simmonds took charge of the situation and offered to help Fiona move to her new flat. The ladies accepted. I could have pulled out there and then but I didn’t have the guts to and I missed out on taking my wife out for dinner. That decision I come to regret later on.

We turned up at Fiona’s apartment but Kenny was home and that’s where it all went wrong. I had to handcuff Kenny to restrain him from doing any damage to the ladies, the sergeant and of course myself. I was ordered to help the removalist to load furniture into his truck while the sergeant was trying to stop Kenny using improper language directed at Fiona and Kate. I thought the sergeant was using unnecessary force on Kenny but I kept my mouth shut because I was inexperienced.

We finished loading up the truck and the removalist left, then Fiona and Kate went to the new flat which left the sergeant and myself alone with Kenny. We uncuffed Kenny and we started talking and Kenny started abusing me, the sergeant started on me as well. So I lost it, I pounded Kenny until he wasn’t moving anymore, there was blood everywhere in the kitchen, Kenny’s face started losing colour, he went really pale, we both thought he was dead. Then he crawled out into a chair and had a beer then he just stopped breathing and his eyes were blank, at that moment I knew he was dead.

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Eric, I needed to tell someone and you are the only one I can trust to keep it a secret so please do just that and not tell anyone.

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