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1) Introduction

The title of this Book is Winston Churchill and the person who wrote this book was named John Keegan. The reason why I picked this book was because Winston Churchill sounded like an interesting name, and then while I looked at him, he had a Big Cigar in his mouth. He looked like a very intriguing man. So I picked off the book shelf and started to read about him and his life.

) Describe Winston Churchill

Winston Churchills parents were too busy for him after he was born, and he spent his early years in school rebelling. He also vowed to be tough, which resulted in almost getting killed. He was born to a very rich family; He was son of Lord Randolph Henry Spencer Churchill. Winston got most of his love from Mrs. Everest. She was the one who took care of him, because his parents were most of the time way too busy for him. His dad was too busy politically wise and his mom were social wise. Mrs. Everest influenced him by far; it was her love and affection that made him what he was. He became Prime Minister for England, A General for WWII and an Author. All these things were what he accomplished. When he was 18, he nearly killed himself by jumping from a bridge to avoid being caught by his cousin and brother who were chasing him. He fell feet, ruptured a kidney, and was unconscious for days and unable to work for nearly months. He wrote for the newspaper, which is why he was so extraordinary. When he was he wrote his first book. He was also captured while he was at war, he was held as a POW. He then later was elected to the House of Commons.

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) Describe Winston Churchill part

At age 60, Winston Churchill spoke about the dangerous rise of German military power under the Nazi reign of Adolf Hitler Churchill’s national popularity went down by a lot. At age 6, he wrote the four-volume historical book. When he was 64, he continued his unpopular warnings about Germany and Hitler in his newspaper columns. And then World War II broke out in September 1 when Germany collided into Poland. Britain and France responded to the invasion of Poland by declaring war on Germany. Then the King of England asked him to be the Prime Minister. At age 66 Churchill lead his nation in fighting the enemy. He was national Commander-in-Chief. He was really a One-Man Army kind of guy, which was a leader and only looked up to his childhood benefactors.

4) Explain what qualities or character traits helped this person become successful.

What helped Winston Churchill to be such a successful man were his Toughness and his stubborn arrogant ways. Then of course his intelligence is another big help. The problem was that if he was more loved by his parents and not so badly mistreated by his parents. People would truly see the greatness of him, in other words. He would be more serene and calmer. But instead he acted more appropriately and led his comrades to victory. With the help of the Americans of course.

5) Explain why you liked this book.

I liked this book because before I looked at it, and I read the title, Winston Churchill? Who is this guy? He looked like a rather exciting guy but I didn’t know he jumped off a bridge to prove his toughness? I didn’t think his vow would go that far. The reason why this book was so great, Is because of his drama he had. His parents were snobs with no time to even look at him, and how he was the oldest. And of course his signature Cigar in

His mouth. So many details in this book that make him so British. And all these wars he had been in, I mean at 18 he joined the Army, voluntarily. If you’re the type of person

With a war-like attitude, you’d like him. For one thing he did not stand for, is for cowards. He did not run from a fight, but only his childhood did he run from fight.

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