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All or None

“With liberty and justice for all.” This is the last part of our pledge of allegiance, and the beliefs that we have built our country on. Throughout our country’s history we have had vast accomplishments, but we have also made many mistakes. We have destroyed lesser nations, pilfered land from the natives, and enslaved a race of people. Nothing can be done about events of yesterday, but we can correct wrongdoings today.

In trying to right the wrongs the United States government constructed a program known as affirmative action. This program would encourage ethnic diversity in schools and work places. In doing this program minorities would be given opportunities that they would not normally receive because of their heritage. For many minorities this is the only way that they could ever “Make It”. While this has helped many people in the past like all good things it may be reaching its end.

The Supreme Court is not reviewing a case involving Michigan State College, and affirmative action. Michigan students are suing the school with the 14th amendment being their weapon of choice. There is a clause in the amendment that states that no ethnicity can have special advantages over another. The affirmative action program, which is used at Michigan State, is clearly an example of advantages given to ethnic groups. There fore should we get rid of it?

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The Supreme Court has been left with the task of deciding if affirmative action is unconstitutional or not. On one hand affirmative action does give ethnic groups advantages, but on the other hand doesn’t the program just make a level playing field? This is the exact argument of Michigan state lawyers. They feel that without the program thousands of minority students would never have the opportunity to pursue their education. Still there are many objectors to the program. For example President George W. Bush, but thank God it’s not his decision to make.

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