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Dynamic characters are an essential part of any writer’s library. The author’s create personalities that keep readers captivated. Also, the author’s make us analyze what his purpose is of having dynamic characters in their work. Do they do this to give their work authencity or to give their play suspense and humor? Only the author knows the true answer. What I know is that dynamic characters are very important for plays. It makes the readers more interested in the story behind the play. Also, it makes us understand the attitude of the character at the beginning and end of the play. We can experience this in the plays “ The Rising of the Moon” by Lady Gregory and “ A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry. These are plays that use dynamic characters as main characters who make us laugh, cry, understand and sympathize with them as they go through their change from protagonist to antagonist or viceversa.

The play that shows the main character’s change from stubborn to considerate was “ The Rising of the Moon”. In this play, the Sergeant ( protagonist ) is serious and determined. He believes in law and order and has a unique way of percepting things. From this description we can say that “ he is a large man with a peasant’s sturdiness, similar to a large dray horse”. He becomes the most interesting character in the play because we see that he needs to analize the situation as to whether he would let the criminal make his escape. But we see that as thye two men start to know each other, the

Fugitive revives the Sergeant’s patriotic feelings, letting the criminal escape.

The Sergeant lets him go because he realizes that he could have been in the criminal’s situation. There is a passage in the play that reveals the Sergeant’s realization when he says “ ...If it wasn’t for the sense I have, and for my wife and family, and for me joining the force the time I did, it might be myself how would be after breaking gaol and hiding in the dark...” (1170). In this part of the play we realize that the Sergeant has had a change of heart and we as readers start to suspect that the Sergeant is going to let the criminal go. The Sergeant is a dynamic character because he evolves from a strict, dominant, ambitious man to a more open � minded and considerate man for some readers. To others he changes into a bad, unthoughtful man due to the fact that some readers disaprove with the autor because they think that indirectly she is helping the idea that criminals should be let free under certain circumstances. Overall, the autor wants us to focus more on the message of the story because it shows us that even the person with a lot of values can be flexible with humanity.

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The autor of the play “ A Raisin in the Sun” uses a very unique technique to focus on the characters. In comparison to the play “ The Rising of the Moon” they both present characters that go throught experiences with the enemy and we see how at the end of the play they have matured and grown into different men. In fact, in the play “ A Raisin in the Sun” we see a very dynamic yet ignorant character named Walter Lee Younger. This African-American, 0 year old man has a mentality of a child. He wants a better life for

his family by using the insurance money that his mother has received for his father’s death. At first, his mother refuses, but since she wants to trust her son she gives him the money. Walter, being at the time an immature and stubborn man, invested all the money that was given to him into a liquor store that eventually went into his friend Willy’s pocket. At first, us as readers get mad and frustrated at him, but then we realize that this had to happen because this event is what changes Walter from a boy to a man. We see that he has finally become a man when he, for a second time, refuses the money from the white people by saying “...Well- what I mean is that we come from people who had a lot of pride. I mean- we are very proud people. And that’s my sister over there and she’s going to be a doctor- and we are very proud-...And we have decided to move into our house because my father- my father- he earned it for us brick by brick...We don’t want your money.” (160). Walter evolves from a very ignorant, childish man into a very strong, independent man.

The Sergeant from “ The Rising of the Moon” and Walter Lee from the play “ A

Raisin in the Sun” are very different yet similar characters. They both confront individuals from the other side of the road and by the end of the play they become different individuals and develop different thoughts. The Sergeant becomes a man that is very considerate and thinks about the way he would have been without his family, he belives in the righteneous of other people and has faith that the fugitive , being free, will do something positive with his life. Walter becomes a mature, family man that would do anything for the happiness of his family. So here we can tell that they both are very similar. They both have families that they love and they both try to do what’s right. They


both have jobs that are to serve others, the Sergeant as a police officer and Walter as a chauffeur. They both are around the same age. Most importantly, they both know the importance of understanding what they as right and wrong and of doing what you believe in and this is what these two dynamic characters contribute to these plays.

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