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Foil characters can be described as characters that contrast with one another. In the play “The Crucible,” by Arthur Miller, John Proctor and Reverend Hale are two foil characters that can surprisingly be compared and easily contrasted by thier good and bad aspects. In the play John Proctor was a proud farmer that was respected and also feared by people. Reverend Hales was man of honor and a witch hunter in Salem, Massachusetts. Both characters can be both similar in ways, but totally different in other views.

John Proctor played the role of the hero in the play. He was an honest man who just wanted the people to see the truth which was that there was never any witchcraft in the town of Salem and to stop the useless death that were accruing. Through his attempt to bring out justice to the town, Proctor came across two challenges that really showed his character in the play. He overcomes the first by his decision to testify against Abigail, despite his guilt and knowing the risks that came with the truth. His second conflict was whether to sign a false confession and save his life. His decision to choose self-sacrifice and not go through with lying to his friends and neighbors, shows both that he is the hero of the play and his morals in the type of person he was. As well as Proctor having good morals, Reverend Hale also had some good aspects in the play.

Reverend Hale was also a good man in some ways. He was witch hunter that just wanted to save the people of Salem from witchcraft. Later in the play he comes to his senses and tries to save more people that were being accused of witchcraft, like Proctor was at the end of the story. After he becomes aware of Abigails, Parris, and Hathornes hidden agendas, he begins to question the validity of the trials, in which he acts as a judge. He quiets the court for the truth and because he didn’t want to be part of the many lies that send people to their deaths. This was what really showed that in so ways he really did have good morals. Even though both Proctor and Hale have good aspects they are also known to have bad aspects in the play.

From the beginning of the play, Proctor and Hale showed their bad aspects. The play starts with Proctor just ending his affair with Abigail wounding his loyalty with his wife, Elizabeth. This event in the play was what scarded Proctor’s character through out the whole play. Hale was sent by Reverend Parris in the beginning of the play to investigate witchcraft with some girls that were dancing in the forest. After witnessing the strange occurrence that was happening to some of the girls, he was blinded by the lies of witchcraft and became a follower of those who accused the town’s people of it. For example, he knew that Rebecca was some how innocent and still arrested her to really just save his own life in a way. Reverent Hale did change his ways, but also says that it is ok to lie to save your life. This shows Hale’s character is selfish and that he would do anything to save his life even if it is wrong.

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Both John Proctor and Reverend Hale are foil characters that can be compared to find the motives of each other. What really made the easily compared were their good and bad aspects through out the play. From Proctor becoming the hero in the play, to Hale changing his ideas of witchcraft can show the difference between the two. Both characters are needed to reflect on each other, making them characters with great importance in the play.

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