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It is well known that when families, educators, and communities all work together, schools get better and students get the high quality education they need to lead productive lives. Parents are the essential link in improving American education but job and family demands leave little free time for many of them. Sending a report card home is not enough. Parents want to help their children succeed in school, and often need guidance on how to be most effective. Thus parents look to schools for help even if they do not or cannot make the first contact themselves. Making parents feel welcome in the school is the first step to helping them. That’s why as a forth grade Language Arts teacher, it is very important that I create an environment that fosters involving parents and guardians in student learning process. . One strategy I use to accomplish this educational goal is Parent-Teacher Conferences. The beginning of the school year is a key time to communicate with parents. All will want to know what to expect from schools and new teachers, and how they can help their children learn. Some of this information can easily be mailed to parents as a welcome letter with information about a list of basic subjects and broad plans for the year, a list of materials the child will need for class, a phone number and time when the teacher can be reached, monthly or annual calendars highlight upcoming school events and meetings. Next I will send a sincere invitation to first parent-teacher conference. In order to reach and develop a relationship with parents I create a comfortable and private physical environment with enough adult-sized chairs and no desk separating teacher from parent to generate a climate that invites collaboration with parents. Furthermore, I provide parents with opportunities to speak about their children and involve them in creating solutions to problems. At the end of the conference I classify concrete suggestions for how the parents and the teacher will together help the child, emphasize the parents role in the education of the child, and ways to assist them. Moreover, I present resources and materials such as booklets that families can use at home to build student skills.

. Parent-Teacher Conferences for all families are an essential building block of home-school communication where parents provide important perspectives and information that can be extremely valuable. Together, teachers and parents make a great team to help children get a good start for life.

. Another strategy I would use to achieve this educational goal is Ongoing Communications.

Imagine the impact when parents receive positive phone calls letting them know how much progress their children have made in recent weeks or asking if they need any information about school programs and expectations. Home-school communication is greatly increased through personal contacts such as this between teachers and parents .In addition, newsletters can provide a steady stream of information from the school to the home. To attract the attention of parents, my newsletters would be attractive, well-organized, and easily read with encouraging parents to write letter to this newsletter. Also, I will send home notices about special programs parents may want to watch with their children and suggestions for discussing issues that the program will highlight as well as recommended reading lists or suggestions about how to use household materials, such as newspapers and magazines, to encourage reading.

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Ongoing Communications is very effective because it can be easily reenacted through the school year, hold ongoing training for groups of parents who want or need intensive help with home learning, builds partnerships with parents to jointly support home learning activities. Taking the time to read with children is the most successful way to encourage kids to read and is critical to a childs education.

Again, involving parents and guardians in student learning process is an important goal because it promotes clear two-way communication between the school and the family to the school programs and has a direct impact on student’s attitudes, behavior and academic progress. Parent-Teacher Conferences and Ongoing Communications are two strategies that ensure quality learning opportunities to all students in my forth grade Language Arts class.

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