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Integrity is a very important trait in leadership. A leader has to developing a trusting relationship with their employees in order to be an effective leader. Without trust between employees and their leaders both morale and work performance suffers. A leader who listens and follows through on their actions will have better morale and job performance from their employees, than from leaders who lack these leadership traits. In my experiences the leaders that I have worked with have not displayed any of those traits sincerely. It is not so much an integrity issue but an honesty or trust issue. If they would just be up front and be honest from the start we would have a better understanding of what is on the table.

# Leaders Born or Made?

I believe that leaders are made. Leadership traits such as honesty, trust and integrity all can be learned through experiences in life or educational settings. My feeling is a person who wants to be an effective leader can be one. Just by listening to your employee’s needs and wants allow you to understand if they understand the goals and the plan for the company’s future. Overtime someone can develop great leadership through their past experiences, their mistakes as well as others and leadership seminars. Everyone has the opportunity to become a good leader. The question is do we want to be a good leader for our employees and the company or for the power and the prestige?

# How can leaders be made more effective?

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Leaders can be made more effective by developing a trust relationship with their employees. I think there a many different approaches to making a leader more effective. Listening is an attribute to being an effective leader. By listening to the employees wants and follow through on promise made employees will start to develop a trust with you. This trust that will develop will not only benefit the company but will lead to a good working bond together. Other ways for leaders to be more effective would be to read, leadership seminars, or have their management skills evaluated. Leaders who want to improve themselves as well as operations within the company will try to change, the ones who don’t will never gain that respect they are searching for.

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