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Karma kicks asses.

Oh my, impregnated at such a young age - well aint that a bitch. Even still, its funny to think just how insane things work out. Youre suffering the exact same emotions of what you hoped i would suffer myself. (IE heartbreak, anger, regret, PAIN). Proving, irony is only for bitches and fucks - take this as a lesson. On second thought, I take that back - dont take this as a lesson. I hope you suffer like this again. Itd be far more sweeter than kissing my ass, wouldnt you agree? Not to say Id actually allow you such satisfaction . . but you get the picture.

So you would you like to explain yourself, now. Coincidently, after the fact that every aspect of your plan failed miserably. You thought you had me right where to wanted me. Thought everything was running along smoothy, running straight in the bag. Hahaha, I laugh at that mess! I guess youre proven wrong. Shows you that actions, such as that of which you took, go unrewarded. Punished even, for that matter. You should have left things as they were, kept your mouth shut then maybe I would have stopped to listen for at least a second as you came on your knees to grovel.

But then again, leaving you on your ass seems like pay enough for my work. Have a nice life baring the offspring of a dirty one-night stand. Maybe you dont deserve it, but who am i to even give a shit about what you do (or who you do, or what you did). I sure as FUCK aint you, right?

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I wonder why those words sound so familiar.

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