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Response paper on The Kid

The Kid is about Jack, Hogarth’s son who is probably being abused and neglected and does not get any respect from his younger sister so he takes matters into his own hand to create the perfect family by killing his own family even the horses which is basically destroying everything that made up that family.

How a kid could kill his own family without any remorse could say the boy was heartless and does not know the meaning of love also he does not understand why what he did was wrong or he might just be plain old crazy either way his motives are clear he was trying to get away from his family.

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After the kid kills his own family he needed to feel some kind of authority. He needed to feel his family’s presence though they are dead so he brought it upon himself to assume the role or take something significant from each member of the family

“In the house, I put on the old man’s best suit

And his patent leather shoes.

I pack my mother’s satin nightgown

And my sister’s doll in the suitcase.”

This was clearly something he had been contemplating because the verse where it says “I pick up a rock and throw it at the kitchen window, but it falls short.” This explains a growing frustration which eventually resulted to a major killing spree.

There also seem to be a sign of romance in this poem, the poem of a heart breaker. For instance Roses are red, violets are blue are common phrases in a love poem and also the phrases “I’m fourteen. I’m a wind from nowhere. I can break your heart.”

This shows a very unstable person when it comes to love and close relationship, he could be incapable of loving someone for a long period of time. He could turn out to be a serial kill who kills people he loves or better yet he could love you and then hate you and kill you.

There is also a reason to believe that the girl was also mistreated this was clearly explained in the first verse “My sister rubs the doll’s face in the mud,” If I know better most girls play with their dolls hair, dress up or drink tea with their dolls but not rub it in mud. This could be the girls understanding of motherly love because of the way she was brought up.

In conclusion there are many outcomes to abused and neglected kid some could present great consequences or it could create a human being who wants other kids to get the love and attention he never had.

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